[Ads-l] "vigilante" extensions: "digilantism" and "eco-vigilante"

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I believe the subject of extensions of "vigilante" has been discussed before, but my computer and I have lost our memory of how to access the archives.  (I would be grateful to be reminded.)  Apologies if I'm duplicating anything previous.

(1)  digilantism:  

"I have mixed feelings about what has been called digilantism, or vigilantism through digital media."  Kenji Yoshino, in "May I Post a Photo of a Bad Driver on Social Media,?", "The Ethicist," NYTimes Sunday Magazine, July 19, 2015, p. 15 col. 2.  

GBooks has this in 2006, in Encyclopedia of Police Science, which cites "Zimring 2004."

"digilante" is quoted to 1998 by Wiktionary.

(2)  eco-vigilante:

"A Renegade Trawler, Chased by Eco-Vigilantes".  Headline, NYTimes, July 28, 2015, page A1 col. 1.

"That leaves room for organizations like Sea Shepherd, which describes itself as an eco-vigilante group, flies a variation of the Jolly Roger on its ships and often cites the motto, “It takes a pirate to catch a pirate.” In chasing the Thunder, Sea Shepherd’s goal was not just to protect a rapidly disappearing species of fish, its leaders said, but to show that flagrant violators of the law could be brought to justice."  Ibid., page A6 col. 1.

GBooks has this in 1995 (The New Yorker).

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