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Salty - The state of being angry or frustrated by anothers action,
definition primarily used by the video game community. Refers to the salt
content in tears, as if to say that you were crying.


Player1: Man I'm tired of your cheap tactics and constant use of high tier
Player2: You sound salty bro. Get good. *presses taunt button*
Senteniel: DETECTING INCREASE IN SODIUM LEVELS. *proceeds to t.bag
player1's defeated corpse*.


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> Why I read ADS-L: 'cause it edumacates me. Wilson discussed "salty" here
> a bit ago, and I heard it from my white male teenager's mouth (and his
> friends') yesterday:
> son: <something about a disappointing/frustrating move in a game on his
> iPod Touch.> Salty.
> He and his friends seem to be using it more interjectionally? than
> descriptively?
> ---Amy West
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