[Ads-l] How to un-munge long URLs (was: Re: Bad language of the 1890s)

Dave Hause dwhause at CABLEMO.NET
Sat Jun 20 03:20:10 UTC 2015

    As Bill was correct about the interaction of the LISTSERV software and 
his text, here's what I did to make it useful to me:  first, I manually 
deleted all = (equal signs) at the end of the lines of the URL, then pasted 
it into a plain text reader (MS Notepad) to get pure ASCII text, then pasted 
that text into a word processor (MS Word) and did a search and replace, 
replacing each %20 (percent twenty) with a space character.  This gave me a 
long URL which my browser accepted to give me the page picture Bill was 
referring to in the first place.

    Other solutions, if you know the URL you are going to use will be 
munged, are a Firefox add-on,
which I haven't tried yet, and http://tinyurl.com/ which I have tried and 
which, for Bill's site, gives

    However, I notice that my browser put all those %20 s back in when it 
gave me the page.

Dave Hause, dwhause at cablemo.net
Waynesville, MO

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Contemporary coverage of the arrests (Column 2, "Run Down by Comstock"):


(And I assume this will be rendered unintelligible by the listserv software=
-- sorry bout that, chief.

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