[Ads-l] How to un-munge long URLs (was: Re: Bad language of the 1890s)

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Which OED munge would you add it to -- v.1 or v.2?    (Presumably not v.3, wich is intr.)

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 Subject: Re: [ADS-L] How to un-munge long URLs (was: Re: Bad language of the 1890s)
This sense of "munge" (not to mention "un-munge") is not on OED.


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>    As Bill was correct about the interaction of the LISTSERV software and
> his text, here's what I did to make it useful to me:  first, I manually
> deleted all = (equal signs) at the end of the lines of the URL, then pasted
> it into a plain text reader (MS Notepad) to get pure ASCII text, then
> pasted
> that text into a word processor (MS Word) and did a search and replace,
> replacing each %20 (percent twenty) with a space character.  This gave me a
> long URL which my browser accepted to give me the page picture Bill was
> referring to in the first place.
>    Other solutions, if you know the URL you are going to use will be
> munged, are a Firefox add-on,
> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/tinyurl-generator/
> which I haven't tried yet, and http://tinyurl.com/ which I have tried and
> which, for Bill's site, gives
> http://tinyurl.com/nefgbye
>    However, I notice that my browser put all those %20 s back in when it
> gave me the page.
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> Contemporary coverage of the arrests (Column 2, "Run Down by Comstock"):
> http://fultonhistory.com/Newspapers%206/New%20York%20NY%20Evening%20Telegra=
> m/New%20York%20NY%20Evening%20Telegram%201896%20May%20-%20Oct%20Grayscale/N=
> ew%20York%20NY%20Evening%20Telegram%201896%20May%20-%20Oct%20Grayscale%20-%=
> 200386.pdf
> (And I assume this will be rendered unintelligible by the listserv
> software=
> -- sorry bout that, chief.
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