[Ads-l] What ABout the "Bonnie Blue?"

Tue Jun 23 21:41:23 UTC 2015

The Maltese cross predates the Nazi era, *but* was used enthusiastically by Nazis,
and there was a fracas when the modern German Army began awarding the Iron Cross for valor in
various bad sandy places.

I wonder, then what most people might think of the 'Bonnie Blue Flag' right now?

Very popular in the Civil War South, *but* it predates the rebellion.
Ante-bellum, it symbolized the notion that if you can't get the help you need from the government,
you'll have to muster your own resources and get the job done on your own - and if you succeed,
so much more to the notion that your gains belong to you and NOT the government.

And that was it. Just a combination of self-reliance and independence.
It was popular on the 1859 Oregon trail too, because those notions fit in
with the 'emmigrants.' (They were walking away from the states and into the 
territories; walking away from excess government...)

And so some cluck popped it up over the Mississipi capitol building about halfway through the Civil War, and it became VERY popular among sessessionists, especially and obviously in view of the anti-government angle.

So: What do people think of the Bonnie Blue?

Me: I think of the Republic of West Florida, 1810, freshly seceded from Spain and not yet united with the States - for about ninety days.


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