[Ads-l] OTOH, HDAS has _head-whipper_ and _ass-whipping_,

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but not _head-whipping_ and, perhaps, not "whip head(s)."

Jet - Feb 5, 1953 - Page 47
Vol. 3, No. 15 - ‎Magazine
He "mailed" the wife of another prominent South Side businessman to
Washington to avoid a paternity case "_head-whipping_."

Black News - Volume 2, Issues 9-25
1973 - ‎Snippet view
Then Carl was shoved into a bathroom (so the _head-whipping_ could get on
without public onlookers) and, as Carl attempted to stop the door from
closing by putting his foot in the doorway - the cop grabbed him and landed
some crushing blows ...

Worse than silence: the Black child's dilemma - Page 91
Willie Mae Cary - 1976
"Up here, we _whip heads_. See all this? This is _head-whipping_ our way.
Don't worry, black kids in the South are going to wake up and see how
they're being cheated. They're gonna start whipping heads, too." As
recently as Christmas time, I went to Texas and heard "_head-whipping_"
from students who had, through the years, frowned on any type of violence.

The Later Simple Stories - Page 118
Langston Hughes, ‎Donna Sullivan Harper - 2002 - ‎Preview
She'll let the poor man go home so broke he don't have a nickel for church
on Sunday morning. I told Minnie someday some man is going to give her a
good old New York head-whipping if she don't watch out.

Miles Davis: The Definitive Biography - Page 155
Ian Carr - 2006
The black paper, Amsterdam News, gave Miles's story prominence and said
that he had suffered from a 'Georgia _head-whipping_'.

Black St. Louisan joke:

In Anyplace, somewhere behind the Cotton Curtain, a white policeman is
beating a Negro brutally about the head and shoulders. Another Negro,
observing, comments,

"Dean! Do y'all see that?! It wouldn't no white police be whipping *my*
head like that!"

The policeman, overhearing, pauses in his work and calls the other Negro to

"Come here, boy! Come over to me!"

"Yes, sir."

After the second Negro has approached him, the policeman, beginning to
swing his club, asks,

"Nigger, why *won't* I be whipping *your* black head just  like I've been
whipping *that* nigger's head?!"

The Negro, dodging left and right, crosswise and sidewise, replies,

"Because I am the *ducking-est* nigger that you are *ever* going to see!"

This was ca. 1955. Today, in 2015, the white policeman would simply have
shot the Negro. Of course, back in the day, it would never have occurred to
any white man, let alone to a white policeman, that a black man could
present a threat to him. Nor would it have occurred to a black man to
present himself as a threat to a white man.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"---a strange complaint to
come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
-Mark Twain

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