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> "nascent"

Actually, that struck me as a hip way to put it, abstracting away from the
e.g.-ed group. Consider the that bit of Facebookery that I posted:

"More transgender representation and direct voices in this matter _is_

The government of the number of the verb according as the number of the
number of the nearest nominal preceding the verb instead of according as
the number of the subject NP is certainly a feature of contemporary English
that's a-borning.

You see it everywhere.

On the other hand, the blurb does seem to say that a hearer may base his
judgment of the worth of a variety of speech on his emotional response to
its, e.g. Appalachian speakers and then it proceeds to say that it's not
the speakers, but their speech, full of patterns unfamiliar to the hearer,
which is the source of problems. Or is it the case that the blurb is saying
that the emotional response to the speakers is triggered by their apparent
misuse of the language and not by their non-standard personal aspect. Or

Of course, I may be "laboring under a mispreapprehension," as the late,
great Jimmy Durante used to say.


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