[Ads-l] "... you must to have at least one."

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It could be someone who works with reading or writing patent claims.

When you design anything that has arrays of things or holes in things, such as connectors, speaker grilles, combs, or bolt patterns, you will often encounter in the claims " ... a [something] having a plurality of [features] where in at least one [feature] includes something else unique and special] ..."

You go from there to explaining a situation in which one is obliged to set up some prior condition [j,] in order to have "at least one" of said features. So you might end up wondering 'do we have to (do [j]?)' and in answer, "You must (do [j], in order) to have at least one (of said features.)" 


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This sounds, to me, more like a formation of a native speaker of a language 
in which an auxiliary verb takes the infinitive.

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Subject: "... you must to have at least one."

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