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The saying "He who laughs, lasts" is listed in the Yale Book of
Quotations with a 1938 attribution to Mary Pettibone Poole. Fred is in
good company with this ascription since H. L. Mencken and Franklin P.
Adams also pointed to Poole's 1938 compilation "A Glass Eye at a

I've located a new 1926 citation in "Munsey's Magazine":

[ref] 1926 September, Munsey's Magazine, Volume 88, Number 4, The Not
Impossible He by George F. Worts (Novelette), Start Page 743, Quote
Page 756, Published by The Frank A. Munsey Company, New York.

[Begin excerpt]
"You just said you loved my sense of humor, Jord. So do I. I simply
adore my sense of humor. You've heard the old proverb, haven't you -
he who laughs - lasts?
[End excerpt]

Here is the Quote Investigator entry:

Earlier citations would be welcomed.

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