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Thanks, Stephen. That is a great citation. I've updated the entry and
included an acknowledgement to you.


[ref] 1917 November 3, Judge, Poem: Perverted Proverbs by W. E. Nesom
(Fifth stanza), Unnumbered Page (2 pages away from back cover), Column
3, Published by Leslie-Judge Company, New York. (HathiTrust Full View)
link link [/ref]


[Begin excerpt]
If laughter be an aid to health,
Then logic of the strongest
Impels us to the cheerful thought
That he who laughs lasts longest.
[End excerpt]


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> Nov. 3, 1917:=0A=
> "...he who laughs lasts longest"=0A=
> by W.E. Nesum in The judge. v.73 =0A=
> http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=3Dmdp.39015068416539;view=3D1up;seq=
> =3D471=0A=
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> The saying "He who laughs, lasts" is listed in the Yale Book of=0A=
> Quotations with a 1938 attribution to Mary Pettibone Poole. Fred is in=0A=
> good company with this ascription since H. L. Mencken and Franklin P.=0A=
> Adams also pointed to Poole's 1938 compilation "A Glass Eye at a=0A=
> Keyhole".=0A=
> =0A=
> I've located a new 1926 citation in "Munsey's Magazine":=0A=
> =0A=
> [ref] 1926 September, Munsey's Magazine, Volume 88, Number 4, The Not=0A=
> Impossible He by George F. Worts (Novelette), Start Page 743, Quote=0A=
> Page 756, Published by The Frank A. Munsey Company, New York.=0A=
> (Unz)[/ref]=0A=
> =0A=
> [Begin excerpt]=0A=
> "You just said you loved my sense of humor, Jord. So do I. I simply=0A=
> adore my sense of humor. You've heard the old proverb, haven't you -=0A=
> he who laughs - lasts?=0A=
> [End excerpt]=0A=
> =0A=
> Here is the Quote Investigator entry:=0A=
> http://quoteinvestigator.com/2015/03/15/laughs/=0A=
> =0A=
> Earlier citations would be welcomed.=0A=
> Garson=
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