[Ads-l] Fire - order (food) prepared, prepare or cook

Benjamin Barrett gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Mar 17 06:36:18 UTC 2015

This is common restaurant lingo though I'm not sure what the parameters 
are. If there's a mishap and your dish does not arrive, the server will 
generally offer to fire it.

Neither the Oxford Dictionary site nor Wiktionary 
(https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/fire) has this meaning. The Wiktionary 
meaning "To heat without setting on fire, as ceramic, metal objects, 
etc." seems close, though the intention is for things like pottery.

1. I don't recall hearing "fire" for a dish such as a salad that doesn't 
require cooking, but perhaps it is possible. Surely "fire" cannot be 
used for beer or ice cream (though maybe a baked Alaska or ice cream 
tempura would qualify).

2. One other issue is whether this refers only to a server _ordering it 
to be prepared_, or whether it means the _preparation_ itself.

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