[Ads-l] Substitute X for Y, or "all meat tastes like [not chicken but] corned beef"

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Mon Mar 23 03:44:13 UTC 2015

Scale-model re-enactments of the civil war may result in some regions if
it is asked whether corned beef or pastrami is the proper meat for a Reuben.
My personal preference is corned beef; the pastrami variant is what I
call a "Rachel," and sauerkraut and Russian dressing are a must.

Russian dressing is hard to fine in restaurants in the PAC-NW, 1000
Island is as close as they seem to offer.
But I agree that it's not quite right; you can fake a decent counterfeit
Russian dressing by blending cocktail sauce and tartar sauce,
but that'll only do in a pinch...

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>> On Mar 22, 2015, at 5:09 PM, Joel Berson <berson at ATT.NET> wrote:
>> =20
>> Menu at Lefty's restaurant/bar, Denver airport, United Airlines =
> terminal:
>> "Reuben Sandwich.  Shaved corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, 1000 =
> Island Dressing, rye bread.  Make it a turkey reuben and substitute the =
> corned beef for fresh turkey.  $10.95."
> Thanks!  I'll add it to my collection of innovative "substitute" =
> sightings.  The "the" would have given it away even if the =
> (almost-)classic Reuben hadn't already been defined.  ("...Or turn it =
> back into a classic Reuben and substitute corned beef for the fresh =
> turkey.")
>> Why does my "turkey reuben" taste like corned beef?
>> Joel
>> P.S.  And where's the Russian dressing?  I don't permit no =
> substitutions.
> The Russian dressing is hiding inside the 1000 Islands dressing. Maybe =
> they let you hold the onion and pickle relish--just tell 'em that's the =
> way they make it on Novaya Zemlya.=20
> LH

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