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Just a note: sometime last year opponents of open carry activists came
up with the bone-headed idea of calling in false reports (that the
participants are brandishing, threatening, or doing other illegal things
with the firearms they are carrying) in hopes to bring on a heavy
response from law enforcement, and that the lawful carry activists might
get shot.

It's possible that the shooting of John Crawford, a black man who picked
up a BB gun at a Walmart, was instigated by just such a false report.
Ronald Ritchie reportedly called 911 and claimed that Crawford was
loading the gun and pointing it at people.

Be safe,


"Swatting" has been in circulation since at least 2007. I wrote about it
= in April 2013, when the comedian Russell Brand was targeted:
-swatting.html -----Original Message----- From: Mark Mandel
[mailto:thnidu at GMAIL.COM]=20 Sent: Friday, March 27, 2015 10:27 AM
Subject: "swatting" Evidently =3D *making a false report of a dangerous
situation that = brings a police SWAT team to a specified location, with
the purpose of = harassing the people at that location*. *May involve
spoofing telephone = number to appear that the report.* age situation,
we activate specialized units to respond."

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