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I think human children and their parents in this part of the country would be quite pleased about losing eastern equine encephalitis.

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That's too bad. I've always felt a little frisson of pride upon hearing a
mention of "St. Louis encephalitis" or of "Texas fever" on, e.g. Mystery
Diagnosis, especially since "Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome" is
referred to as simply "MERS."

I wonder how horses in this part of the country are going to feel about
losing "eastern equine encephalitis"?

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> http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2015/05/08/who-don-t-name-diseases-afte=
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> Don=E2=80=99t call it Spanish flu. The World Health Organization issued
> gui=
> delines
> Friday that caution against naming diseases after places, people, or
> animals, for fear that such names will bring stigma. Citing Middle Eastern
> Respiratory Syndrome and swine flu as examples, the agency recommended that
> names be =E2=80=9Cgeneric descriptive terms=E2=80=9D instead.
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