[Ads-l] "WWII Jets Fly Over Washington" Me 163, 262 and Japanese "Shusui" J8M

Sat May 9 17:13:28 UTC 2015

Well evidently there are a VERY FEW German Me-262s around;
here is one source that is selling airworthy replicas:

I wonder what several of them would sound like in a flyby.

If you want the 'short and crazy ride,' there is one ME-163 Komet
at the FLying Heritage Collection in Bothell, WA that is supposedly in flying condition:

It is displayed at the museum with the engine removed on a stand for closer inspection.
Evidentlty this thing carried about 15min of fuel, left its landing gear on the ground
(always an inspiring idea,) and ran on nasty two-fuel blend which was both corrosive *and* hypergolic:
(a) methanol and hydrazine mixed with (b) 80% pure hydrogen peroxide. 

Not surprising that a number of these simply exploded on the tarmac,
that's pretty dicey stuff...

OTOH if one of these DID get aloft it was carrying a PAIR of 30mm cannons to the party,


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