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Kayaktivists (158 raw Google hits) and kayactivists (53) are an example 
where -activist is incorporated as a suffix. I don't see any other uses 
in the ADS archives.

1. The earliest cite I see, without looking very hard, is 11 March 2009 
by Bonnie. Although the blog description says there are occasional 
political rants, the meaning here seems to be just kayakers who are active.
Finally - just want to put in a plug for the NYC Watertrail Calendar! 
This is something that a couple of my favorite local "kayaktivists" have 
been working on over the winter; the idea is to help maximize the public 
benefit of the NYC watertrail by having a calendar showing all the 
various events on or around Watertrail sites, many of which are free, 
open to the public, and require NO paddling experience!

2. The first incident where this word seems to be used to mean activist 
is in 2011, when three kayakers participated in a maneuver to draw 
attention to a political issue. An article dated 06 July 2011 by Jim 
Rankin has the story.
Kneen and Coleman were in kayaks at the time of the getaway and were 
positioned between the Tahrir, a 25-metre re-purposed day-trip tourist 
vessel, and a coast guard boat. Their presence gave the Tahrir – Arabic 
for Liberty – a several minute head start.

“Kayaktivists,” some are calling them.

3. The word has come up again, recently, in connection with a protest 
against drilling in the Chukchi Sea. An article dated 08 April 2015 by 
Sydney Brownstone explains with the word "kayaktivists" as a caption of 
a photo by Amanda Lee.
These kayaktivists are hoping to trap Shell’s rigs in Elliott Bay.

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