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Here's a definition of smudging:

The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft: Shadows, Spirits and the Healing Journey
Christopher Penczak

Pages 49-50
Smudging refers to the use of sacred smoke. Shamanic traditions bundle 
sacred herbs together, consecrate them, and burn them. The smoke 
releases energy and scent that raises the vibration of an area, 
banishing harmful lower vibrations. Although some people think "to 
smudge" means to smear the ashes, in this context smudging refers to 
passing an object or person through the smoke, or passing the smoke 
through an area.

Benjamin Barrett wrote:
> re some citations that make smudging clear. According to these citations, it appears that the meaning of "smudge" to purify spiritually with smoke is included in the 1912 citations, though they don't mention it explicitly (perhaps elsewhere in the books).
> 1. Anthropological Series, Issue 16: 1957
> http://ow.ly/g7Dnm
> -----
> The latter would meet with some fatality unless the keeper agreed to avert the evil by performing the proper rite over him. The keeper would direct the man to build a sweat-lodge and would enter it with him. The man would fumigate himself and inhale the smudge. The keeper would rub the man all over from head to feet with sage.
> -----
> 2. Use of plants for the past 500 years: 1979
> http://ow.ly/g7Dsa
> -----
> 1933 H. Smith POTAWATOMI 48. "Pearly everlasting. Anaphalis margaritacea. The Forest Potawatomi dry the flowers of this species and smoke it in a pipe or smudge it on coals to drive or keep evil spirits out of the room, which might prevent a patient from recovering.
> -----
> 3. L.A.: My Way: 1990
> http://ow.ly/g7Dw4

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