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> Agree, the normal U.S. Army usage is "Carry on."

Yet, I have to admit that *I* know this only because I've been in the Army.
In fact, most, if not all, of the other recruits in my class were also
under the impression that "As you were!" was the U.S. "equivalent" of
"Carry on!" and finding out that it wasn't triggered as much conversation
as the expression, "Fuckin' A!," did.

IIRC, my first post on this topic was triggered by a scene in a movie in
which an officer walks into a room of EM and civilians working at desks,
someone calls "Attention!," and both the EM and the civilians leap to their
feet, at attention, until the officer casually comments, "As you were."

In fact, what would have happened is that someone would have shouted "At
ease!," the officer would have the next best thing to simultaneously
shouted, "Carry on!," the EM wouldn't have moved much beyond a twitch, and
the civilians would have ignored the whole thing.

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