[Ads-l] Fun with 'x' in 'xe,' 'Chl=?utf-8?Q?=C3=B6e=2C'_?=etc.

Mon May 11 19:56:19 UTC 2015

Definitely time to pull out some lesser-used consonant noises for these...

When I want to be a bit silly, I sometimes sound the name 'Chlöe' as a single-syllable thing starting with a voiceless velar fricative (as in 'loch') and continuing like 'löess' but with the German umlaut value for the ö. It sounds like a cough forced through a length of corrugated plastic hose.


> Can someone define, and provide etymology and pronunciation guides?
I'm hoping the "x" in the first group has the same value it has in the =
Xhosa consonantal inventory, as a lateral click (more or less the sound =
an equestrian makes to render "giddy-up").

Safe prediction: These options will ultimately end up as three more =
versions of what Dennis Baron calls "The Word That Failed"

--LH, who's perfectly happy with they/them/their (unmarked for number)

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