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The verb "to Wiccan" is not on the Oxford Dictionary site or Wiktionary.

Pagan Paths: A Guide to Wicca, Druidry, Asatru, Shamanism and Other 
Pagan Practices
Pete Jennings
p. 25
When a baby is born to a Pagan couple, it is very often presented to the 
Moon and/or Gods and Goddesses as a sort of introduction to the natural 
world.... This differs from a christening, in that it does not imply 
that the baby is to be a Pagan, only that protection for it is sought 
from the deities.... Within Wicca, this ritual is sometimes referred to 
as 'Wiccaning the Baby', while other traditions may term it the 'Baby 

1. 1986
Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft
Raymond Buckland
Birth Rite (or Wiccaning)

2. 1981-1998
Sacred Earth Journal Anthology: Being a Collection of Wiccan Church of 
Vermont and Church of the Sacred Earth Publications (1981-1998)
Today, they are wiccaned and understand that not only Mommy and Daddy, 
but the Earth and Her God/desses are their parents as well.

3. 1998-1999
Circle Network News: 1998-1999, Volume 20, Issue 2 - Volume 21, Issue 2
Sir Cancionero was Wiccaned on October 3 1998. May his life always be 
safe, successful and blessed by our Goddess. Maiden Aella was Wiccaned 
on October 24, 1998. She now walks in harmony with the Earth and the 
Ancient Covenant.

4. 2011, alternate spelling
Walking the Wheel
S. Brook Putnam
You stand in this circle because it is your intention to be Wiccanned 
this night.

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