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This word has been around for about 6 years (by Google search), and I'm mildly ashamed to say I even know what it means. Shibboleth is an international authentication standard that universities use to permit us to log in to each other's systems, essentially automating this: 

if your university trusts you, our university will too. 


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> A commenter on the Making Light site brought up a recently-coined
> word,
> of possible interest to ADS. Quoted with permission:

> "All the language creation in this thread (millpunk, aquaduct punk)
> reminds me of a delightful new word I heard last week: shibbolized.

> Among other things, "Shibboleth" is the name of a "federated identity
> solution", a web-based single sign in. Someone describing the system
> to
> me said that "once you sign in, once you've been shibbolized, you
> don't
> have to sign in on the other sites."

> Shibbolized--to be recognized as a member of an accepted / permitted
> group. Instead of a bartender saying, "I need to see your ID", they
> could say, "I need to shibbolize you."

> That would be wonderful."

> Jim Parish

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