[Ads-l] =?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=9Cthe_wood=E2=80=9D_?=-- the front-page headline of a tabloid newspaper

George Thompson george.thompson at NYU.EDU
Mon May 18 22:04:54 UTC 2015

            The front-page headline — “the wood” in tab-speak — became a
disposable form of pop art, the day’s biggest story boiled down to a few
perfectly chosen words.

            *"The Daily News Still Awaits a Savior"*, NY Times, May 18,
2015, section B (Business section, p. 1*; sentences quoted is from p. 7,
col. 3*

            Not in OED; not in Jonathon Green's dictionary of slang; the
malignant irresponsibility of the Oxford University Press keeps us from
knowing whether it is in HDAS.

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