[Ads-l] Can you say "Cossack"?

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I have to confess:

1. I don’t have any idea regarding origins of that particular biker gang …
and the rest of them.

2. I don’t have any idea how they chose their name.

3. I don’t have any idea how those bikers pronounce that name.

4. I don’t have any idea why police officers AND that CNN reporter
AUTHORITATIVELY could pronounce that name the way you quoted.

But I suspect that somebody related to that gang had connection to Russia
and/or Ukraine, or at least somehow familiar with those countries and/or
their history, or just the literature – A. Pushkin, N. Gogol, M. Sholochow,
I. Babel, etc. See this article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cossacks. It
appears there are some of them in the USA http://www.kazaksusa.com/. In the
first line of the Wikipedia article you will find the CORRECT pronunciation
of the ORIGINAL name.

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text formatting...

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> As can be seen from the correctly spelled logo on their jackets, one of the
> biker gangs involved in yersterdays Waco mayhem was called the "Cossacks"
> After checking with the police, the on-the-spot CNN reporter referred to
> them authoritatively as the  / 'kou saeks/.
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