[Ads-l] Can you say "Cossack"?

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Tue May 19 15:20:06 UTC 2015

Is there any association of the current biker gang "Cossacks" with antisemitism, as there has been for more than 350 years?  (See the Chmielnicki Massacre, 1648-1649, and its aftermath.)  Might explain their choice of name?


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Times ARE changing: my niece, who attended the USA school (starting from
the 1st grade, and until graduation) and even took (optional) Russian
language class, didn't study RUSSIAN and/or UKRAINIAN history and
literature in such details as you here MANY years ago, and definitely not
as myself OVER THERE, so those bikers probably were not familiar with
historical details, but did know from somebody else about that name, and
that was exactly the reason they took it for their GANG, as opposed to call
it, say, ROBIN HOODS... Those gangsters are PROUD of being followers of the

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