[Ads-l] query on -s truncation

Arnold Zwicky zwicky at STANFORD.EDU
Wed May 27 17:03:53 UTC 2015

> On May 27, 2015, at 9:14 AM, Laurence Horn <laurence.horn at YALE.EDU> wrote:
> A colleague off-list wonders if anything has been published on the truncation process described by one of her students, who is working on them, as
> "-s truncation of adjectives and adverbs by younger speakers, yielding for example 'totes', 'awks', 'adorbs', from 'totally', 'awkward', 'adorable', etc."
> Seems like I vaguely recall something on this but I can't remember what. Anyone?

a little bit on on my blog, with references to ADS-L:


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