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Wilson beat me to it--I had come up with Babs, and was racking by brain looking for more. 

I think this 's' counts as a hypocoristic, a poor cousin of '-y'. I don't have access to a handy English morphology text, but I think there are other examples not involving names, but preceding our era. There is, for example, 'preggers' and similar. 

What astounded me is its (Aussie) use in Bazz (Lerman). Although I can't confirm this, I had understood /baez/ was an example of this kind of shortening, based on 'Barry'. What makes this weird is the marginal status of /ae/ as an open syllable in standard English--much ink has been spilled on that topic (which affects the debate about whether that vowel is tense or lax (or short or long, if you prefer)). 

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> > Seems like I vaguely recall something on this but I can't remember
> > what.

> Lars,

> At one of the summer LSA's - '73? '74? - it was hip to do that with
> proper
> names, whether of people or of animals. Everyone is familiar with
> Barbara >
> Babs, of course. But, in this particular case, everything began with
> the
> S-ing of the name of Jim Fidelholtz's dog - which name I've
> forgotten. Jim
> > Jims, Ivan > Ives, Wilson > Wil[s], Robert > Robs/Bobs, etc. Ivan
> > and I
> continued as Ives and Wil[s] with each other to the very end.

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