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And, of course, Barbara Streisand is often referred to as 'Babs'... 

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> >=20
> > I think I've also seen Batman referred to as "Bats", and Barbara
> > Gordon
> > (Batgirl, Oracle) is sometimes "Babs". (Could there be a Marvel/DC
> > split here? The nicknames I recall for Marvel heroes tend to use "-
> > (e)y/ie" - "Spidey", "Wolvie", "Shulkie".)
> >=20

> Babs is short for Barbara beyond Batgirl -- see the end credits of
> nearly e=
> very John Landis movie, where he suggests that when you take the
> Universal =
> Studios tour, to "ask for Babs". For a long time, if you did ask for
> Babs, =
> you'd get a discount admission. (Backstory: At the end of "Animal
> House", w=
> e are told what happens to the main characters after they leave Faber
> Colle=
> ge. Babs Jansen becomes a tour guide at Universal.)

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