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> "Odd" - sort of, to me, but not new.  My NOAD, 2nd ed., says roughly, 'not a member of military or police.'  My long term employment history went Army - police - Army and I think of civilian as only "not military."  But my usage sense for others is, "not one of us" however "us" is defined.

Sort of like "gentile", mutatis mutandis.

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> Since ISIS poses a mortal threat to journalists — it has killed dozens of mostly local reporters, as well as its high-profile Western victims — the job of exposing the group's barbarity has fallen to civilians. In April 2014, a group of student activists set up Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently inside the ISIS capital. Its two dozen or so members post written reports and videos — often filmed on mobile phones hidden in the sleeves of jackets — documenting daily life under ISIS control. 
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