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The term "window" has been used to help describe movie distribution
strategies for a few decades. A new movie would be released to
theaters, followed by pay-per-view cable, followed by videotape,
followed by premium cable (e.g., HBO), followed by television
broadcast. Each release would be executed for a limited time period.
The time periods were called "windows". The term "windowing" refers to
the use of windows.

Below is a citation in 1979 for "pay tv window".

Periodical: Variety
Date: September 26th, 1979
Database: Online archive at varietyultimate.com
(This text has not been verified by examining scans and may be inaccurate)

[Raw excerpt from search engine]
product for that second pay tv window. The licensing agreement timing
is short: a month generally, and the dollars run between $40,000 and
$100,000 a pic, but the decision to reap profits from a second pay tv
window is giving theatrical distributors headaches. Some are worried
about prices. Thus far, reportedly all deals except
[End raw excerpt from search engine]

Now this notion is being applied in the music domain for different
release periods aimed at: radio, youtube, CD, iTunes, streaming
service, and etcetera.


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> Something about not allowing your song to be used by Spotify:
> The group kept its last two albums, Ghost Storiesand Mylo Xyloto, off Spotif=
> y for months =81\ a process known in the industry as "windowing" =81\ before=
>  releasing them on the streaming service.=20
> http://www.theverge.com/2015/11/10/9706342/adele-25-new-album-not-on-spotify=
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