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Gin Blossoms (slang for spider vein patterns associated with alcoholism; see W. C. Fields)

"King Caw, A Tale" p 158 in _Poems_ Vol II by J. Churchill, London: W. Glindon, 1801 (google books)
"Description is baffle'd, when soaring to speak
Of the prominent gin-blossoms, gracing each cheek!"

7/31/1868 _The Hancock Jeffersonian_ Findlay OH p 1 col 5  (newspapers.com)
"In fact the process seems to have brought the disease to the surface, and they are blooming all over with folly spots, as well soaked topers do with gin blossoms."

11/20/1935 _Uniontown [PA] Morning Herald_ p 13 col 5 (newspaperarchive.com)
"Rum noses and gin blossoms were robbed of their stigma by a Brooklyn doctor here.  Even teetotaler sometimes have them, Dr. Charles F. Pabst insisted."

12/17/1991 _Boston Herald_ p 8 col 4 (genealogybank.com)
"But yesterday Ted's parched fall paid off -- the bloat's gone, even if the gin blossoms and the broken capillaries in his nose aren't."

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