[Ads-l] Horticulture pun ascribed to Dorothy Parker

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Sun Nov 22 21:54:35 UTC 2015

Way back in July 2010 Fred asked about a pun based on the word
horticulture that has been credited to Dorothy Parker. The Quote
Investigator website now has an entry on this topic. Note: Some people
find the pun offensive.

Here is an example: You may lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think.

The pun was attributed to Parker in 1962 in "Horizon" magazine. She
supposedly said it at the Algonquin Round Table which met during the

I found a joke containing the pun published in "The Virginia
Spectator" in December 1952. It was not linked to Parker. Another
instance was printed in "The Daily Standard of Sikeston" Missouri on
November 3, 1953.

Horticulture Pun

Feedback and additional citations welcome,

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