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The Alternative: An American Spectator, Volume 9 - Page 14
Saturday Evening Club, 1975
https://books.google.com/books?id=g9wRAQAAMAAJ ;
1975 - ā€ˇSnippet view
... even a club of sorts (albeit no clubhouse): the "Penthouse/ Viva
Leisure Club." (Viva is a spinoff from Penthouse; it is a _"boylie"
magazine_, breasts and vulvae being replaced by hairy chests and quiescent
penises. It is, incredibly, more banal than its sire.)

This is, just as incredibly, the earliest cite that I can find of a term
that's been around, IME, since 1959, considering how entirely obvious are
its use, derivation, and construction. "Boylie Magazines" was the name of
the gay section of the Los Angeles dirty-book store that I frequented. I
heard "boylie mag" either on TV or in some movie, in the '60's. Further,
IME, the boylie mags were the exact equivalents of the girlie mags: the
models were young, cute, nicely put-together, but there were no
hairy-chested, bear types. Of course, styles may well have changed between
1959 and 1975.


Note the writers pretentiousness: _vulvae_, but _penises_ instead of
_penes_. OTOH, I like the use of "quiescent" instead of the banal "flaccid."

I checked "boyly mag(azine)," too, and found only "boyly [Johnson, 1818:
obsolete. boyish] heretick," from 1732.
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