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Thu Nov 26 14:05:33 UTC 2015

"What is piecaken, you ask?

"It sounds like a figment of some weird Thanksgiving fever dream, but it’s real: three types of pie stuffed in a cake. And 
social media has unexpectedly crowned it as the next big thing on Thanksgiving dessert tables, a space typically reserved for the just-the-basics trifecta of pumpkin, apple or pecan pie.

"Piecaken has existed in underground dessert-eating circles for years ...".

Article titled "Forget Turducken. It’s Piecaken Time," by KATIE ROGERS; NOV. 25, 2015 online.  (I don't see it in the New England print edition.)  

The composition given in the article is "a spiced poundcake with layers of pecan pie and pumpkin pie, topped with upside-down apple pie, slathered in cinnamon buttercream and edged in oat struessel," but there must be many other prescriptions (even counting only those that exclude statins) -- see "dessert turducken" below.

In Google Books at least from 2012, in "Petite Treats: Mini Versions of Your Favorites Baked Delights", by Morgan Greenseth and Christy Beaver.

Another bite from the article:

"Zac Young, the executive pastry chef for David Burke Group, said Wednesday that he dreamed up the recipe four months ago with Fabrick’s pastry chef, Gian Martinez. They wanted to take “dessert turducken” to the next level."


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