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From a 2014 novel, _Missing You_, by Harlan Coben; the protagonist has apparently come across a dating site photo of her former fiancé:

It had been eighteen years. She had drunk-Googled him a few times, but there had just been a few old articles he'd written. 

There aren't a whole lot of other instances of "to drunk-Google" (upper- or lower-case G) that I could find by (sober-)googling, but perhaps unsurprisingly one comes from an earlier (2008) Coben novel, _The Woods_, although that time he must have felt he needed a full explanation:

She knew that Paul was a door best left closed. But she had gotten drunk—big surprise—and while some people “drunk dialed,” Lucy had “drunk Googled".  

So we have "to butt-dial" and "to drunk-google" (not to mention "to drunk-drive").  The real skill is butt-googling an ex-flame.  Takes practice!


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