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Benjamin Barrett gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Oct 7 23:46:50 UTC 2015

Following up on my post on ninja-slipping yesterday, here are some examples of ninja-verbs with my guesses as to the meaning of the ninja portion. Most have to do with stealth. 

None of these verbs have many hits on Google, but clearly this is a productive morpheme. 

1. to ninja-slip
by Planet Petsy @clarepetts

Max the ginger ninja slipped passed all the police and got into the beales house


by OldmanJoe

I just remembered they Ninja slipped a prec cap on weapon damage! So skip that, prec mis-calculation

[without notice < stealth]

2. to ninja-walk
by GameWorldLeader

He ninja walked downstairs to undisturb his parents and popped two EGGO waffles in the toaster.

[stealth; undisturb =? not disturb]

3. to ninja-run
by ElektraAnn14 

she had a funny feeling that today just might be the day that she got a hunch, she ninja ran all the way to the Hokage’s Mansion (SP!)

[with power]

4. to ninja-jump
by acemcmac

yes, they ninja jumped out of the bushes just asking to be hit. 

[unexpectedness, in hiding]

5. to ninja-jack
by jose alirio barreto mendez

He ninja jacked me D:

[unexpectedness?. This appears to have currency in certain games but it doesn’t seem to be related to ninjas.]

6. to ninja-eat (eat without permission)
by Anonymous

if he had asked me I totally would not of been so butthurt over it. But no, he ninja ate my food. 

[without permission < stealth]

7. to ninja-drink
author(s) unknown

Doesn't realize that I ninja-drank it. Don't ask me what it means, I just did it.
Is the only person that can ninja drink a soda pop.


8. to ninja-fly
by feelingsmithy
http://bit.ly/1L0vZqV (has an “I heart …” quote)

For now, I just want to talk about how I ninja flew my way to Tayuman station to meet up with the BAMF Universe!

[rapid speed?]

by krystalclear78 

Although it once went off and i think i ninja flew out of bed into the babies room only to find him fine!

[rapid speed, with force]

9. to ninja-type
by Dennis M

She ninja typed my 2 cinder blocks, 2 bricks, in her CPU as I scanned my energy drank, that's right, I said drank and with a quick swipe of my card I was on my merry way. 


10. to ninja-close
by Courtney W

I was slightly confused as I didn't see him close it out, but maybe he ninja closed it


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> To stealthily slip an object (vt) or to stealthily slip somewhere (vi)
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