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Possible bracketed cites?
_The Sydney [Australia] Morning Herald_ 26 Sep 1862 p 3 col 4"But much as we may yet discover of distant worlds by the organ of sight -- not absolutely impossible as itis that our posterity might yet, some centuries hence, learn a good deal of the external characteristics of Martial or even Jovian races -- while human nature and terrestrial laws remain what they are we must becontent to creep about at best very near to the bottom of our aerial ocean, and waive all notion of reaching the surface, or getting a good look-out into the infinitudes of interstellar space."
_South Australian Register_ [Adelaide] 21 Apr 1863 p 3 col 2"Finally, the Martialites (if Martialites there be) have probably no moon, but get an additionalhalf-hour in every diurnal revolution to make up for this disadvantage, and their year is twice as longas ours, so that their thoughts and actions have probably a longer stroke, as we may say -- that is,they have less temptation to be constantly taking stock of their progress."

The following two cites are probably inspired by the same French journal article mentioned by Garson:
_The Henderson [NC] Index_ 26 Sep 1862 p 2 col 3"It is unreasonable to suppose that we poor terrestrials are to construct single-handed the signal bookfor the whole solar system.  But perhaps the Martians or Jovians will come to the rescue."
_The Daily Journal_ [Wilmington, NC] 6 Oct 1869 p 2 col 3"He thinks that if these are repeated regularly, in batches of a certain number, the Martians or the Jovians, as the case may be, will come to discern them; and that thus a code will be eventually agreedupon, so that we may talk across the solar system just as we do across a field."
(I see a snippet of this Oct 1869 quote in Britishnewspaperarchive.com, in the _Dundee Courier_ 2 Sept1869 p 3.  Someone with a subscription to that database can likely antedate the American cites.)
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