[Ads-l] Jazz Girls, 1915?

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Mary was a big star by 1912 at least, though I don't know when she adopted
the sausage curls.

As a title, "Jazz Girls" may imply no more than that jazz-loving women were
more likely to - well, you know.


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> > The date of its production is disputed, some theorizing it was made in
> > the 1920s.  Just to throw in another wrinkle: regardless of when it was
> > made, I would guess it is at least possible that the title cards are not
> > the original ones.
> Good point -- there's no way of knowing when the title cards were
> added. In Linda Williams' 1989 book _Hard Core: Power, Pleasure, and
> the "Frenzy of the Visible"_, she talks about watching a print at the
> Kinsey Institute that had some shots inserted from a later stag film
> ("The Casting Couch," 1924), so it's clearly tricky determining what's
> "original" in a film like this.
> https://books.google.com/books?id=OMa96WrLnhQC&pg=PA61
> Williams says the Kinsey Institute dates the film to 1917-19, which
> would be enough for "Jazz Girls" to make more historical sense without
> even jumping to the '20s. (According to Wikipedia, the estimate of
> c1923 is based on one of the girls' Mary Pickford-style hair.)
> --bgz
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