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Some of you will recall our old discussions of the reduced participles, including not just "ice(d) coffee'tea" and "ice(*d) cream" but "shave ice".  A memo from Barry Popik a while back:

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SHAVE ICE (continued)

   There is an index to the HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN and HONOLULU ADVERTISER, from 1929.  "Shaved ice" is in the index, with two stories in 1953.

HONOLULU ADVERTISER, 26 April 1953, pg. 10, col. 5:
   Long ago, as way far back as when I was one small kid in Honolulu, it was smart to find out right away quick where the nearest "Shave Ice" sign was in the neighborhood, for on those warm summer days there was nothing quite like it for bringing down the body temperature.

HONOLULU ADVERTISER, 4 October 1953, pg. 7, col. 4:
_Couple Brings New Look_
_To Shave Ice Business_

Well, now we have the Times weighing in, not on the participle but the Hawaiian treat itself, with no comment on the moniker:


I see that like everything else it has its wiki-entry:


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