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Today, The New York Times (http://nyti.ms/1Ta1h0y) has an article on dabbing titled "Chasing Bigger High, Marijuana Users Turn to ‘Dabbing’” by Sarah Maslin Nir. The article says that “dabbing” is "the practice of using” marijuana extract, and provides an example of inhaling from a vape pen.

The Oxford Dictionary site does not discuss this meaning. Wiktionary (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dab) says: To apply hash oil to a heated surface for the purpose of efficient combustion / A small amount of hash oil.

Urban Dictionary has a huge number of definitions for dab, and even though most are repeats, there are still a lot of different meanings. WRT to this meaning, I have copied down 10 relevant definitions below, usually with the example sentence. The first, saying that dabbing is rubbing a powdered drug onto the gums, is tantalizing, but no clear connection is provided to the vape pen method.

I was expecting to find the noun “dab” to be uncountable, but all the examples seem to indicate it’s countable. Also of interest in the Urban Dictionary meanings are dabber, bho/butane hash [or: honey] oil, to be dabbed out, rig/rig device. The New York Times article also provides the words shatter, butter and honey as synonyms for this marijuana extract.

1. dab - def 4 by merlink2k8
03 March 2008

To administer a drug in powder form orally by getting some on the index finger and rubbing it all over the gums. 

"Let me do a little dab of that speed."

2. dabs - def 12 by mermonky
08 April 2012

bho (butane hash oil), a medicinal marijuana product extracted from the plant and concentrated into a smokable oil. also an adjective to describe the mind state of those who smoke bho or “dabs"

"yo bitch, come over to my crib and hit some dabs with me." 
"those guys were all dabbed out" "lets listen to some dubstep and smoke dabs until my mom gets home."

3. dabs - def 16 by Mr Dab ALot 
24 January 2016

The extracted cannabinoids of the marijuana plant. Extraction methods vary from using solvents like butane, ethanol, etc., to ice water, CO2, or even a heated press which is known as rosin

4. dab - def 25 by ieatcalcium

A VERY concentrated form of Marijuana. It's sticky, and has a texture and color that loos like sap that would come out of a tree. 
It's usually smoked by heating up a glass or metal nail on a rig (bong), and then touching the "dab" onto the nail.

"I took three dabs to the lungs the other day and I almost passed out!”

5. dab - def 30 by SilentCrescendo 
03 April 2016

A wax like oil used for smoking. 

"Hey man, do a dab, I dare you!”

6. dab - def 35 by jmingels
14 April 2016

A certain way of smoking marijuana.You place a 'dab' of concentrate onto a heated surface, which in turns vaporizes the concentrate

"hey man i just got this fire bubble hash, wanna take a dab?”

7. dab - def 65 by beachybruin
03 January 2015

(n) a short rip of marijuana taken from a small electric "dab" piece; (v): dabbing-- the act of taking a dab

8. dab - def 104 by maxballs47
22 September 2013

Verb: A bong hit of hash oil, a concentrate of marijuana.

Butane hash oil is smoked with a team or special apparatus sometimes referred to as a dabber. 
The high produced is much more intense than regular pot or hash and can last up to 10 hours.

"Let's hit up Brian Shields and do dabs.”

9. dab - def 109 by dpolotz
10 June 2014

Very concentrated weed, commonly referred to as oil or wax; it contains an incredibly high percentage of THC, and is usually smoked using a vape pen or a rig device. It can also be used as a verb.

10. dab - def 110 by dabadabadoo
10 January 2013

Verb: To smoke butane honey-oil with a titanium nail and dome 
Noun: A single chunk or dose of butane honey-oil 
see BHO

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