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On Fri, May 13, 2016 at 10:34 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:

> CNN: Miley Cyrus Tweets that Donald Trump makes her feel like she's "gonna
> vom."

Oxford Dictionaries dates "vom" (verb and noun) to the 1980s:


Earliest I can find at the moment is from 1990:

The Jargon File, version 2.2.1, Dec. 15, 1990
Note that in Commonwealth English, "barf" is generally replaced by "puke"
or "vom".

Noun and verb both show up on Usenet in 1991:

alt.tasteless, Mar. 11, 1991
I then had a bit to eat and soon I felt that familiar feeling of an
approaching vom.
alt.tasteless, Mar. 12, 1991
Bye the way did any of you out there notice how you can speak Swahilli(sp?)
whilst vomming?
alt.tasteless, May 10, 1991
& the Romans,alas,were not into vomming for the sheer joy of it or merely
to empty their stomachs - they served so many courses at banquets that it
was obligatory to vom between them in order not to insult the host by
refusing any food. [...] The best clue to an oncoming vom,or so I've found
is that odd sensation of dryness in the mouth complemented by sudden
overactivity by the saliva glands.
alt.callahans, June 26, 1991
Of course, if you actually want to keep your friends, keep them happy by
vomming in next-door's garden.


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