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Garson has an extensive write-up:
with 1839 for the variant "flat born every minute".  It can be antedated:
_Bells Life In London And Sporting Chronicle_ June 7, 1835 p 3 col 1 (Newspaperarchive)
"The amusements apart from the mere
races were such as are always provided on such occasions; and as gambling
constitutes one of the principal inducements to the sports of the Turf, so gambling, in another shape, added to the general excitement; and as, according to the doctrine of the "thimble-riggers," there is a flat born every minute,
there was no lack of this class to reward the ingenuity of "les chevaliers d'industrie,"
who were wide awake to every "move," and did not fail to hook a gudgeon when he showed even the slightest disposition to "nibble." " 		 	   		  
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