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Google Books does not show all the matches in its database. This
aggravating behavior has been occurring for years.

Here are three matches in the HathiTrust database for the phrase "bean to bar".

[Begin HathiTrust match data; may contain inaccurate information]
The industrial bulletin of the Department of Labor. v.26-27 1947-1948
by New York (State). Dept. of Labor.
Published 1948

Public Affairs Information Service bulletin. v.34(1948)
Published 1948

Confectionery and ice cream world. v.38 (W/O NOS 22,24)(1947)
Published 1947
[End HathiTrust match]

HathiTrust also presents some spurious matches. For example, searching
for "bean to bar" yields the following match. But the date is
misleading. Volume 86 was published in 2009 and not in 1924. The 1924
date is the founding date of the journal.

[Begin HathiTrust match data]
Journal of chemical education v.86 no.1-4
Published 1924
[End HathiTrust match data]

Using the information from HathiTrust it is possible to find some
additional matches in Google Books.

[Begin Google Books raw match data; may contain inaccurate information]
The Industrial Bulletin of the Department of Labor
New York (State). Dept. of Labor - 1947
CHOCOLATE FROM BEAN TO BAR • Safety Record — In 1931 and '32, the
Peter. Swiss Milk Chocolate Manufactured at Fulton By Peter Cailler
Kohler Producer of quality chocolate products for four decades and of
millions of chocolate bars ...

Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin - Volume 34 - Page 122
Candy Industry (periodical) '48 250p il tables $5 New York's
confectionery industry ranks high in nation's candy production and
employment: a "sweet" safety program; chocolate from bean to bar;
confectionery associations; confectionery: a ...
[End Google Books match info]

On Sat, May 21, 2016 at 1:14 PM, Benjamin Barrett
<mail.barretts at gmail.com> wrote:
> Nice antedate! Searching for “1956” within that volume turns up a copyright notice that looks solid. BB
>> On 21 May 2016, at 03:33, Peter Morris <peter_morris_1 at BLUEYONDER.CO.UK> wrote:
>> Google finds some earlier cites if you add a word to the search:
>> "FROM bean to bar"  and also the plural  "beans to bars"  turns up
>> some more. Why a longer searh term finds results that a shorter one
>> misses I don't know.
>> Here's one that appears to be from 1956
>> http://tinyurl.com/zqzzrm2
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