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Some of these words are foreign, and the pronunciation is clearly
influenced by the foreign word, eg, wiener has a German 'ie'.


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> Whoever started this thread (I've lost track) asked if English-language
> pronunciation ever followed spelling rather than vice versa?
> helico (spiral) + pter (wing, with a silent "p") gives "helicopter" in
> which the "p" is pronounced
> French words such as envelope or adroit
> in high school chemistry we had a lab assistant who talked about /keish
> @nz/ and /an y at nz/
> wiener
> how did /looten at nt/ and /leften at nt/ split?
> quixotic
> bomb, bombing, bombed, and bomber all have the second "b" silent, but in
> "bombardier" the second "b" is pronounced
> I once did computer work for the Comptroller of the Army.  My recollection
> is that everyone in that office pronounced the first syllable as /kahmp/
> rather then /kahn/
> Lawrence Horn wrote ""Pasta" for example gets an Italianate /a/ Stateside
> but an /ae/ in the U.K."
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