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Sun Sep 4 04:06:28 EDT 2016

Jack Bauer and co. often *went dark* in 24 (2001-2010) by turning a
phone off and being uncontactable and untraceable for safety or to go
deep undercover. For example:

You're gonna call your Special Ops team.
Tell them to secure the bomb.
Now! They went dark three hours ago.
Not accepting any new incoming communications till the mission's complete.

I'm at a pay phone.
I dumped my cell phone.
I don't know what to do now.
Chloe, you need to go dark.
That means zero contact with anyone.
Even CTU? Especially CTU.

Now we know that Marwan's been using the alias Harris Barnes.
What we don't know yet, is how he managed to evade their security checks.
Marwan knows we're looking for him,so he's probably gone dark.

The term's also used by the FBI:


And also the stock exchange:


And more:


> I'd guess it's an extension from the theater sense (no show on that evening/day)
>> 'Temporarily out of public view and making no public statements'
>> MSNBC: "Hillary Clinton [is] dark for the holiday weekend."

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