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I was told the joke in 1970-71. It involved a rhinoceros and something
else, maybe a hippo, taking a bath together. One asks, "Where's the soap."
The other replies, "No soap. Radio."

When I said, "Huh?" my NYU student interlocutor explained that the "joke"
wasn't really a joke. It was a psychological test for discovering how many
people would feel forced to laugh at a "joke" that was so obviously unfunny
and meaningless.

My memory banks recall two or three articles about "no soap" and even "no
soap radio" in American Speech long, long ago.


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> Apologies. It should of course have been http://www.worldwidewords.org/
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> of a lower-case 'L'. On the font I'm using, the two are indistinguishable.)
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