[Ads-l] A linguistic lesson in diversity and tolerance

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Apparently, a children's book called "Even for a Mouse" by Lisl Weil
tells the story of a mouse using "dog language" to frighten a cat. An
edition was published by Scholastic in 1976.

Year: 2014
Title: Bilingualism, Multiculturalism, and Second Language Learning
Author: Allan G. Reynolds
Database: Google Books Snippet

[Begin extracted text]
In the children's story Even for a Mouse, by Lisl Weil, a mouse named
Little Ollie saves herself from a cat (Mr. A. H. Cat— A. H. stands for
“always hungry”) by barking “BOW WOW WOW”; after the terrified cat
runs away and climbs a tree, the mother mouse needlessly reminds
Little Ollie: "A foreign language is most helpful in life."
[End extracted text]


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