[Ads-l] Request 01: Quote: [Dancing is] a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire

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Thu Sep 8 17:17:34 EDT 2016

I've been asked to trace the expression in the subject line which has
been attributed to George Bernard Shaw. The Yale Books of Quotations
(and other references) point to "New Statesman" on March 23, 1962.

First request: I believe that the ProQuest Periodicals database has
this, and I would love to see the full context. Perhaps someone would
be willing to relay a PDF?

Additional background information: I've found variants in which
"perpendicular expression" is changed to "vertical expression" or
"vertical manifestation". Also, "horizontal desire" is changed to
"horizontal wish" or " horizontal idea".

Here is a fun precursor maxim printed in a London periodical in 1914:

[ref] 1914 April 16, The New Age: A Weekly Review of Politics,
Literature, and Art, Volume 14, Number 24, Some Maxims on Americans,
New York and Newport by Sebastian Sorrell, Quote Page 764, Column 2,
The New Age Press, Ltd, London. (HathiTrust Full View)[/ref]

[Begin excerpt]
The Woolworth and Singer Buildings: The perpendicular expression for
the horizontal growth of American fortunes.
[End excerpt]


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