[Ads-l] Request 02 scans from "Thought": "Q: What is ballroom dancing? Answer: Vertical expression of a horizontal wish"

ADSGarson O'Toole adsgarsonotoole at GMAIL.COM
Thu Sep 8 18:37:14 EDT 2016

Request: I am trying to verify a version of the quip in the subject
line attributed to I.S. Johar in a periodical called "Thought"
published in Delhi, India. This is the second earliest citation (known
to me) for this joke. You can help if you have access to the Duke
University library system, the Yale University library system, or some
research library with the target volume.

Here is a shortlink and the target text:


[Begin excerpt]
The Vertical of the Horizontal

Q: What is ballroom dancing?
Answer: Vertical expression of a horizontal wish.
—I.S. Johar in Filmfare.
[End excerpt]

Here is the metadata from Google Books which I think is incorrect.

Periodical: Thought
Year: 1964 (Probably inaccurate)
Volume: 16 (Probably inaccurate)
Quote Page 851 (Probably wildly inaccurate)

Here is my best attempt at uncovering the correct metadata:

Periodical: Thought
Date: February 19, 1966
Volume: 18 (Volume containing the issue with the date above)
Quote Page 21 (approximate)
Title visible on target page: Not Malice Alone
Title of filler item with joke: The Vertical of the Horizontal
Column 3

Look for the large title "Not Malice Alone" in the issue with the date
above and the quotation should be visible in the third column.

The text in "Thought" pointed to "Filmfare", a publication covering
Bollywood, but I have no specific data about the issue of "Filmfare"
containing the joke. Hence, my first goal is to verify the citation in

If you could create a few page scans showing the metadata that would
be great. I would like to see the target text, issue date, periodical
title, and publisher.


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