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> From: Joel Berson <berson at att.net>
> "A mother and daughter in Oklahoma are charged with incest after police
> say they found the two were legally married.  43 year-old Patricia Spann
> and her biological daughter, 25 year-old Misty, face up to 10 years in
> prison if convicted. Police say the State's child welfare office suspected
> there might be a romantic relationship between the mother and daughter and
> reported it to police. Cops say they're also investigating Patricia's
> marriage to her biological son, which was annulled in 2010."
> I suspect this is not the first instance and charge that has arisen, but
> it's the first for me.  There are probably many, um, layers to this.  Is
> this intended to be a test case in the ultra-right-wing state of Oklahoma?
> Why is the state's child welfare agency involving itself with a 25-year-old?

​News reports say, the child welfare officer from the Dept. of Human
Services was visiting to investigate "children in the household" when this
came out.

This article (

Oklahoma incest laws prohibit blood relatives from getting married or
having sex with each other. The felony charge carries up to 10 years behind

I'm not sure what exactly the scope of the broadening is for you. For me
(and for German Inzest), a sexual relationship between mother and daughter
would certainly have qualified. The "marriage" bit? (But then, it is pretty
common to presume a sexual relationship of some sort or other between
partners in a married couple.) ​

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