[Ads-l] Twitter exchange: Merriam Webster vs Slate

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Fri Sep 9 01:57:34 EDT 2016

BuzzFeed posted an article about a sharp exchange on twitter between
an editor at Slate and the
official Merriam Webster twitter account. Further below are the germane tweets.

Website: BuzzFeed News
Timestamp: Sept. 7, 2016, at 3:04 p.m.
Article: People Can’t Get Over The Dictionary’s — Yes, The
Dictionary’s — Savage Clapback
Author: Tasneem Nashrulla (BuzzFeed News Reporter)


[Begin tweets]
Merriam-Webster ‏@MerriamWebster Sep 6
It's fine to use mad to mean "angry"—even if doing so makes some people mad.

Gabriel Roth ‏@gabrielroth Sep 6
I feel like @MerriamWebster is turning into the “chill” parent who
lets your friends come over and get high

Gabriel Roth ‏@gabrielroth Sep 6
It’s great at first, it’s nice to have friends and a place to get
high, but something about it starts to feel wrong

Gabriel Roth ‏@gabrielroth Sep 6
If no one’s making rules for us, it means we’re responsible for our
own decisions, and we feel kind of ambivalent about that tbqh
325 retweets 513 likes

Merriam-Webster ‏@MerriamWebster Sep 7
@gabrielroth No one cares how you feel.
14,909 retweets  26,059 likes

Ziwe ‏@ziwe Sep 7
@MerriamWebster @gabrielroth this is an iconic drag
[End tweets]

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